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Mohammad Firdaus Raffii

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Joined Nov 2017


This stock up slowly by slowly.. DAD is shark which already accumulating... same thing that he do with sealink before...
2 days · translate
Big shark still accumulate
5 days · translate
Keep for long term...
1 week · translate
Keep droping? SBB
3 weeks · translate
Masih ada lg sinar tu...market msih lemah..thn DJ jtuh byk...mmg effect
3 weeks · translate
Very worst... no sign to move up... GG
1 month · translate
Hari ni mcm weak momentum
1 month · translate
Need to break 280 with strong vol...today already break up to 290...the volume is less.. let c tmrw..
1 month · translate
Jgn buat pasai...rini dah air terjun..klu besok jd ayaq terjun gak..naya
1 month · translate
Mr rewi hamid dispose his shares??
1 month · translate
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