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Xiao Bai Xiao Bai

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Joined Nov 2017


maybe tauke tauke tekan harga o.....
2 months · translate
3 months · translate
2morrow we all heng ong huat ah
6 months · translate
明天大家一起,heng ong huat ah
6 months · translate
6 months · translate
slow slow up never mind 1day up 5 to 7sen it OK..I scare someone eyes will red..
6 months · translate
yeah...I bought aa for long-term.. about 6 month I hold AA already... for someone think negative ..U believe AA u stay u think cannot giving anything u just go
6 months · translate
yes...3.00 Liao..hope today target 3.1 close
6 months · translate
fly fly fly hope can broke 3.00..
6 months · translate
agm 不是明天吗?。。。。
7 months · translate
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