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read qr report...
6 days · translate
opportunity to ride till rm3.++....this come once every 8-10 years...let see in 5 months time...
1 week · translate
no need crystal ball bro.just read prospectus.creador cant sell for 6 months.
2 weeks · translate
retailer support bursa..2 years straight...yahooo
2 weeks · translate
shariah bro..isnin boleh trade.
2 weeks · translate
sama la kita rafik...apply 1k only..coz sudah tau ni brahmal game must hold 5-6 months for maximum return(mr diy and opensys)..malas parking duit byk lama2.
2 weeks · translate
they see nta but dont study what the company business is..hahahaha...of course low nta ma...
2 weeks · translate
brahmal only hold for 5-6 months...after he left opensys going back to before brahmal era...
2 weeks · translate
brahmal busy selling is tealive..
2 weeks · translate
go go go lam research group...hahahahaha
2 weeks · translate
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