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why does the chart missing data for 2022, 2021?
3 months · translate
is this ETF dependent on KLCI index or the actual value of the stock that it's holding?
3 months · translate
why do you say so?
4 months · translate
has it done adjusting it's price? hmm...
4 months · translate
how it is looking for media currently? seems just past it's support. Do you think it will maintain its current uptrend?
4 months · translate
I see. Thank you so much for the info.
4 months · translate
certainly do hope so. is the recent net loss due to the new acquisition of the new building?
4 months · translate
Yeah. I was hoping that it would at least be 4.5 centa and above. meh.
5 months · translate
Yeah. I'm sort of in doubt about this too. I think most probably will return to normal pay-date, during Jan/Feb.
6 months · translate
please add HenryThiew thanks !
3 years · translate
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