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Can eat plenty of biscuits for retirement
1 month · translate
Usually will only announce one day after GenP result comes out
1 month · translate
where did you get the news of no dividend this quarter?
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Give it all to your wife
5 months · translate
The average target price for Rhb by many investment houses is about RM6.85. If the current price is too high, then there will be yield compression. You won't get 7% yield but more likely, only 3.5-4.5%. As the price goes up, the yield will fall. The question now is 'Is 7%yield good enough for you?' If yes, then you can start accumulating!
6 months · translate
Good dividend. For the last two years they have been giving out 40sen per share - 15sen and 25 every half-yearly. At current price yield is about 7%.
6 months · translate
This quarter no reinvestment plan. Now you can go to Boardroom platform. Follow instructions on reinvestment, fill in the reinvestment form and make payment online. Easy and quick.
6 months · translate
Sorry, have to wait for the next quarter for the dividend. However, you would have benefitted from buying at a lower cost which is a pretty good alternative to make up.
8 months · translate
The civil servants have proven to be reliable cash cows
8 months · translate
QR should be out by next week, around 27/7/23
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