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know what company do, and know what theme will be played soon, some stock we must hv reason to hold, what is your value on iris? if you know, then why scare? if dunno, just sell
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Investment in in associate company with holding some percentage of share, and now they reap what they sow, and more to come also. licensing fee gain although consider one off gain, but they still provide their services to their targeted customers. overall this company i quite look forward, especially ECRL require SCADA service too.
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share profit in associate company is not one off gain bro, study more please
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this Market is funny
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Olivia u gt some point, haha
6 days · translate
yes correct, i edit forgot put
6 days · translate
Anyway, conclusion is :
1. The highest QR PAT so far
2. share split 1 to 2
3. dividend RM0.065
4. Resources and Packaging division will face some pressure on the operating cost due to higher raw material and freight cost.
5. Packaging division will expand capacity to 100% (flexible packaging) and 200%(paper bag) by end of Q3,another key of growth for mfcb
6. More solar project to come

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lppl = no difference
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previously i were very struggling on BI or Share Split, but now is very common , every companies do it
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