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Nolar.. don't fly up and down like that. go up 5 to 10% everyday good enuf
12 hours · translate
why was the trading halt yesterday?
13 hours · translate
@Petersburg I don't like to see candle with no tail. hopefully it goes up tomorrow
13 hours · translate
aiya sabar ler.. operator pun kena rotate funds kat kaunter lain.. haha
13 hours · translate
waaaaa.. Ur footstep so Heng aaa
14 hours · translate
I buy at 1.15 hoping only for technical rebound but somehow fly. I got half position left hoping it would not go below 1.2 though.
14 hours · translate
buy in at 60cents or lower can hold n enjoy the dividend la. no need so negative
14 hours · translate
move down leh. although I didn't buy cos I see bad qr
14 hours · translate
looks like this logistics stock no power today
15 hours · translate
Marah marah... jgn xmarah.. limit up ke besok? ehehehhehhe
15 hours · translate
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