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Yea tiger..go bite the bear..
2 years · translate
Gogogo..break rm8 and go to rm9..then everyone who invest maybank will smile in the dream
2 years · translate
They always say want to acquire new mall but what i think is the existing one they should focus more to increase the rental and attract shopper instead of keep trying to expand..and their debt ratio always high. Just worry if they able to pay when the long term debt expired..
2 years · translate
Yea same thoughts but hopefully the price up back to rm0.9 so tht i can sell it..entry price rm1.12..i rather invest to sunreit..this is my first reits buy in when im a newbie..
2 years · translate
Anyone can share the condition of shopping mall under hektar?all reopening now? I think that push the stock price up a lil bit.
2 years · translate
If managed to cross rm8 then i will sell first..
2 years · translate
Must sell after ex date to entitile
2 years · translate
All reits are dropping now..which one is the best reits u guys want to collect in this moment? Sunreit,igbreit,pavreit..etc
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