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Jason Chong

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Joined May 2018


short from opening bell not die, sure way to go
1 hour · translate
hahaha I expect higher at 24
15 hours · translate
wow salute I now has only half of yours. drop to 10.22 I sure accum another 50
19 hours · translate
wow bro Ricardo u sure u bet from so high ground
20 hours · translate
all the wayang party who cares. whoever can make horse run is my hero
1 day · translate
of course. simple reason I trust tun. but not bat at this price as I have a lot already. I wanna own Bursa Maybank Petronas...blah blah blah
1 day · translate
try tomorrow hahaha this type of things better wait at least 3 days
1 day · translate
这几天都很难 政变呀 兄弟。可怜的anwar, 可爱没人爱
2 days · translate
today even u blue chip will be red. poor anwar no matter how cute he act, he never b trusted never be pm
2 days · translate
I think u should think thrice coz come 27 Feb budget tun may cut the excise duty to tackle illegal cigarette as this is the most logical things to do to counter them
2 days · translate
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