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could you tell me what happen here? im new to warrant.Potential to buy ?
1 month · translate
how do you buy your share? using nominee acc or cds account to entitle the EGM? pls advise.
4 months · translate
normal... the storm is over... give some time for cleaning and sorting table after the mess,and we will climb again from bottom to the top again..
4 months · translate
it will come back.. yesterday KJ informed it got contract to supply Russia vaccine.
4 months · translate
what happen to this counter? suspension trade ended already right?. but now, no one interested to buy?
5 months · translate
just joined the ship..
5 months · translate
it will not do go down to 0.0 ;-) no worries.
6 months · translate
damnly mega sales.. but i cant buy, non shariah counter..
6 months · translate
up and down no worries. buy when it drops, sell when it spikes. ;-)
7 months · translate
Hi Dis, you also can place order for how may days your order should wait in queue. may be today, no one wants to sell for 10.7, but day after tomorrow, perhaps price drops and someone willing to sell at your asking price.therefore, it could match too.. to make such effect, you may set validity date when placing an order. same behavior when you want to sell your stocks too.. to be sure, you may check you order status, if it 100% match or not. hope it helps.
7 months · translate
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