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Akmal Azizan

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Joined Jun 2018


nothing to do with shareholder. it is the company who buy the share to increase the possession
2 days · translate
I was wondering wats the intention of you to concern of sbb
5 days · translate
collect again sell at 0.255
1 week · translate
support at 0.235. if break, exit door at 0.215.

resistance at 0.255, if break, next TP will be at 0.275 and 0.315
1 week · translate
malaysia boleh land. every day index keep down
2 weeks · translate
you need knowledge to understand. you dont need knowledge and hope for nasib (ong) to be gambler
2 weeks · translate
scroll right to the next page. look on the financial report. look on the colour is it green or red.
2 weeks · translate
go find PRG. lost company but lot people like. maybe you will like. you dont like profitable company and dividend payout like ptrans
2 weeks · translate
i guess they are an expert.
2 weeks · translate
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