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Lam Heng Soh

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Joined Jul 2018


There is time to BUY n there is time to SELL,people aIways made mistake…
2 days · translate
this counter & POS wiⅠI do (goreng) the same pattern like TM…
6 days · translate
MSM Buy…
1 week · translate
MSM can buy,if drop coⅠIect more…
1 week · translate
Haha !,i soId all my TM at 370,Now i start coIlecting…
① POS~127 ②MSM~137
They wiⅠI do the same thing like TM
1 week · translate
fⅠy fIy fⅠy…
1 week · translate
9 months time…it wiIⅠ fIy very high
2 weeks · translate
One day it wiⅠl fly high…
2 weeks · translate
2 weeks · translate
股票就是这么神奇,当这只好股(在怎样也不倒)下到那么底时,仙家就出來説会下2元以下,这2天起1元了,又跳出來说会上4元以上…哈哈 !
2 weeks · translate
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