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M+ 剛剛通知要收RM500
1 month · translate
I just ask an update from my broker m+… no good news yet.
1 month · translate
Got stories to tell?
3 months · translate
Super undervalue stock want to run?
2 years · translate
Remove this counter from this platform. A cook that never appreciates don’t deserve here. I searched the whole AppStore and playstore and could not find any app would compete to this one.
2 years · translate
It’s 8.8 cents only... not 88cents
3 years · translate
EPF 一直沽貨把價錢壓著...
3 years · translate
很好赚的不过不发股息,一大堆有的无的理由,但是还有脸向我们小股东要百多千的director fees
3 years · translate
Price now no space to go down, after consolidating price become higher then have ample space to go down further
3 years · translate
IPO is RM0.35
4 years · translate
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