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yea~ wash pple... really challenging pple patient..
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Both agreements allow SOLBIO to fulfill its obligation to supply 3.5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to the Ministry of Health ("MOH") and accepting additional orders from MOH, State Governments in Malaysia, the private sector, and other ASEAN countries. In addition, SOLBIO would have the capacity to supply booster shots, should it be required for those who have been fully inoculated with other COVID-19 vaccines.

Malaysia Gov 3.5M
Malaysia State/Private ??
Thailand & Philippines each expect 5-10M
Aim to be booster
10Years Cansino products F&F and distribution

Very Clear
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Steady... haha 继续看戏 先恭喜那些6x买进的朋友
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投资长期没那么得空像猴子那样整天冒泡讲废话的.. 看的是未来潜力 呵呵 买卖自负
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老板之前1.3x 买了500万股,估计资金可以派上用场了 呵呵
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对啊..家骏... 观察情况先... 我今天静静观赏不动手 哈
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哈哈 我在等机会加码...
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如果0.5,我一定加码够够力 hahaha
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what news? good news?
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big discount ...haha
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