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blink an eye, its 1.55 now. daymmm
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most likely will have asset enhancement activity after tookover the building. reengage of existing and potential tenants. lets see how it goes
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Google search sunway reit kwasa keyword you can find the answer
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ringgit is in bad shape now. i believe what astro need is better homemade content and government be serious and strong stance on piracy. Olympic wont change anything.
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if so, i'd suggest 散戶to dump it all as well
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散戶根本沒有這能力量繼續丟,只有大基金。 只有恐慌拋售散戶才能發揮最大作用
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lets go babyyy
4 months · translate
Get project, but share price not moving at all.
Maybe there will be price action after PP and acquisition complete. Most likely will. Hahaha
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EPF will rebalance its portfolio time to time. As long as EPF is still substantial holder. Then it should be fine.
Besides, it really depends on whether you believe in CTOS’s credit risk assessment business.
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RM1 應該不會吧,這差不多40%,畢竟也從高點跌了蠻多。
除非帳有問題 才會掉那麼多。 玩短期的還是小心為妙。
大家新年快樂 發發發
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