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tan, beware this kind of people, don't do water fish for them, they simply words for fishing.
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hahaha....see you past comments already know you are the king of blow beef!!!
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blow beef no need costing de ^^
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from 3rd Jan till today already got 1,400mil share turnover, almost 45% of total share 3,100mil, but the price still in strong support, I believe mostly share have in institution hand now.
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HLIB Research Report, 18th Jan 2022
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We initiate coverage on DNeX with a highly convicted BUY recommendation and
TP of RM1.35/share based on sum-of-parts (SOP) valuation. We peg its
technology segment to a CY23F P/E of 25x, which is at a slight discount to its
global peers weighted average forward P/E of 26x. While we understand that
SilTerra is a relatively small player in this space and has a relatively promising
technology vs. its listed global peers, we believe that valuation is justified as we
are expecting SilTerra to grow faster than peers, with a growth of 28% (vs. a
weighted average of 23% for its global peers). At about 14x FY23F earnings in its
entirety, we believe that DNeX is a compelling case given its strong foothold in
both the semiconductor and energy spaces.
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嘻嘻嘻。。医药股趋势不在Liao,只是少赚点罢了,没关系啦,fpi, revenue再接再厉(^o^)
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