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zharif zin

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Joined Oct 2018


dah tak power dah
2 weeks · translate
asyik jatuh je.
3 weeks · translate
just hold. the price wil meet TP soon
1 month · translate
come on guy.. tp 2.50
1 month · translate
but still top volume. u dont get it
1 month · translate
why sapura still top volume despite having bad price downtrend and p&l? we should invest to dialog or dayang or serbadk.
1 month · translate
not really. im invest since 2018
1 month · translate
still waiting on their 1q20. hope rise again
1 month · translate
semalam naik 0.08, harini turun 0.07. whats happen
1 month · translate
what happen to their financial? xde tender masuk ke?
2 months · translate
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