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mikromb should venture into automotive relay to cater for increasing electric cars demand in future
2 days · translate
if vsolar buyers listened to me 100 days ago, you wouldnt hv burnt a big hole in your pocket....this counter has been proven a RUBBISH many times before...the mgmt is only interested in taking money from investors..they are not really into doing business
3 days · translate
its normal for report to be delayed during MCO...SC alrdy given green light to it
6 days · translate
itu lah bayarannya membeli sykt tin kosong...
1 week · translate
take profit and come back another day....
1 week · translate
gear up fellas....vrooomm
1 week · translate
go to "reports"...QR is due to release this month and not July
1 week · translate
fantastic QR? its not released yet
1 week · translate
a lot newbie sembang like expert nowadays hahaha
1 week · translate
anticipating nett profit 10 mil this QR yummmyy
1 week · translate
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