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those who refuse dividend would have sold and price is still quite well supported. There is hope. Just chill, investing is always a waiting game. If you arent patient enough, you will lose.
2 weeks · translate
good game...sold at 4.18 on merdeka eve LOL
2 weeks · translate
i reckon this stock will break beyond the 70sen has gone down a lot prior to dividend and post dividend so the risk is minimal
2 weeks · translate
buy low wont die...
2 weeks · translate
waiting at 3.60 hehe
2 weeks · translate
those who panic sell during 1st half session sure regretted haha
3 weeks · translate
still waiting for 3.85? hahahahaha
3 weeks · translate
just dream that u can catch high...sour grape
3 weeks · translate
23sen incoming
4 weeks · translate
arbb hater fake profile name better change to chin jia lat
1 month · translate
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