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How much up do you expected?
RM8 or even RM20?
If RM20 that’s means the actual price before BI almost RM100
How many billionaires will risen in that case…
This stock already at it climax…just hope it maintains and didnt drop dramatically
2 weeks · translate
Before BI RM20
If u have 1000 units = 20K

Now BI 1:4
U have 5000 units
Dividend 8 cents = RM400
Despite the increment of stock price
U invested RM20K u get RM320
Imagine u invest RM20K in maybank…how much did u get per year…

But when compare to previous dividend given…those bought before BI is getting more dividend than before…
3 weeks · translate
0.08 consider not bad already…
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1 month · translate
Erm…why dont hoot crypto
Like luna if u manage to hoot now also billionaires
2 months · translate
Capital malaysia 和 capital singapore 一个天一个地
2 months · translate
its true....ghost month also full booking CNM
2 months · translate
Hi mr good luck
See you everywhere
3 months · translate
Genting is game, entertainment and leisure company ok…
Who buy in because of the medical reason i really feel “haha”
3 months · translate
老板卖个零头 赚一点
你们要也是可以卖啊 问题是舍得吗?
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