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alpha jack

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Joined Dec 2018


just tehnical rebound....
short it.
soon under 10 .
I guess before qr out.
qr expected to have loss .
dividend will fall apart.
2 days · translate
the people goreng it are very low class..
the people buying it lagi low class.
2 weeks · translate
1 month · translate
false alarm. you buy you will REgret deeply
1 month · translate
as I say this is a goreng stock...no use of earning this kind of money....people won't respect you for earning this kind of money.
1 month · translate
slowly drop to 1.30
1 month · translate
this is a stock highly filled with retailers ... be very careful
1 month · translate
2.44 come to papa
1 month · translate
1 month · translate
haha..bodoh punya counter
1 month · translate
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