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good that now hundson sent someone to the board, just wait for further good news
30 minutes · translate
wating from good news to main board and hundsun
1 week · translate
volume reduced a lot, people no money to trade
2 weeks · translate
wilo buy back if pe goes back to 15
1 month · translate
hahaha, if you buy at 0.7 then got con dy
1 month · translate
i normally will not buy of pe more than 15
1 month · translate
all red except this counter is green, the sentiment is good
1 month · translate
this company revenue and earning is good just the PE ratio too high, this is like adjusting back to the fair value, will consider to buy low for this stock
1 month · translate
china ban ant, they are looking for SEA expansion, n2n is a good platform to start with
1 month · translate
jialak, directors keep disposing
1 month · translate
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