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Just another girl trying to cari makan in bursa. Using common sense and some rational analysis.

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no point buy and sell. I used to do that. just hold only. Will cross rm1
4 months · translate
other than Due D and FA study, u also need to believe that some stocks are just ur lucky star. This is one of them
4 months · translate
got reason why crash le.. pushing down the price for director to buy cheap. now shoot back up
6 months · translate
u ask me all in u investment advisor now? simply give buy call later SC hoot9 you. wahahahah
7 months · translate
why so big reaction? nobody point gun to ur face ask u to buy. lol
7 months · translate
big announcement next week. same operator as Saudee DataPRP
7 months · translate
PP oversubscribed by 1.85 times. Price shoot up soon...
9 months · translate
bro read the quarterly report. demand for hygiene product drives the expansion for higher production. currently running on full throttle now hence need fresh funds to cater for equipments n floorspace.
10 months · translate
private placement to expand production line.. because current demand and orderbook is high so need to catch up with production. private placement is used to raise cash for such expansion. is a good thing. ability to get private placement also show confidence towards business prospect. usually private placement is better than bank loan is better than right issue (asking money from shareholders)
10 months · translate
steady la PP to expand on new production line. next few QR sui sui lai
10 months · translate
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