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In short run, the market is like a voting machine
In long run, the market is like a weight machine

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Great thought there! You remind me that historical price graph can be irrelevant to the future price graph. The world keeps changing.
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Manage to bought at 3.99 and average down my price. I'm greedy when others are fearful. Hopefully this is not a stupid move by me.
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哈哈!时间会解释一切,我还是会坚持那句话。你不了解,我可以明白的,毕竟我们有不同的投资方向。Don't take it too personal, 我那句话根本没有针对你,哈哈
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Collect enough tickets for this stock. Now just hold and wait until the next quarterly result
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This Marcus won't run. Top up more at 5.5. If drop further, top up at below 5
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Wait to top up at 4.99 again. This stock goes sideway unlike other semiconductor stocks, it's a good opportunity.
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