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haha the irony is people thought I'm chooi eng ?
3 days · translate
collected 0.1 . hurray!!
6 days · translate
boleh naik lagi!! come on
2 weeks · translate
ganbatte! let's push it up to RM1
2 weeks · translate
gogo.. enter back again dont want to lose out
2 weeks · translate
yes ah profit taken. yahoo
2 weeks · translate
boleh masuk lagi? top up sikit
3 weeks · translate
ini boleh naik ini, support support mantap
3 weeks · translate
yea expect it drop to further to 0.12 , look at who managing the company. Mr. T . see his other company also kept making lost. do you have confidence with him and companies?
1 month · translate
yang belum beli ticket jangan sedih dia akan turun balik untuk trap orang, jangan hapi sangat
1 month · translate
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