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Yu Onn Chua

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Joined Mar 2019


@Kc Lai just bluffing here.... Haha will hold and sell it accordingly..
2 hours · translate
@Edwin 不要这样子啦 '10lots' 等下是10000lots
1 day · translate
@Kc Lai don't sell first, can go further 2.50....hahaha
2 days · translate
@Lam 明天 1.74 就好咯
2 days · translate
@Lian Meng 你觉得不会涨了吗,会下跌?
2 days · translate
@LC 0.99 你都敢买,佩服你追高,哈哈
2 days · translate
@edward u are true that it is risky that a lot people gonna take profit and causing the it pullback...
3 days · translate
@ss tan 你好厉害。。。讲出来了
5 days · translate
@tay I'm thinking that way... Just wait....
5 days · translate
Sibei dulan when hit 1.1 then a lot of people gonna take profit... Then price drop down....
6 days · translate
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