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1 day · translate
Jay Lin, for example, if Public bank wishes to buy over Ambank, would you still buy Ambank stock or buy Public bank?
5 days · translate
Jay Lin when company A starts to buy over company B, shouldn't it be very logical that we should buy company A as it is the "big brother", why bother to buy small company?
5 days · translate
you shouldn't have bought daibochi when you know Scientex has started acquiring daibochi
5 days · translate
tmr limit up
5 days · translate
yeah but Tainan is still consider safe, and they have upcoming new factory in kaoshiung, which both have low population, shouldn't be affected much by covid19
1 week · translate
Nasdaq and frontken has no correlation
1 week · translate
I personally feel QL is too overvalued, PE is too high for a food industry. Not only QL, many stocks nowadays have beyond PE of 40 also seems like nothing. Too optimistics on stocks is not a good thing, because once economy crashes, everyone will leave and push the price down
1 month · translate
feel kinda fed-up with ppl pressing down the price, buy vitrox even better
1 month · translate
Hi Mohd Razif, allow me to voice out my opinion, first of all, even when MCO gradually lifts off, many ppl are still suffering from jobless, and we all need some time to recover back to pre-covid lifestyle, as you know Padini is more towards budget fashions, hence B40 group are the one that is most suffered from this MCO. Furthermore, there are plenty other stocks to buy instead of padini, such as tech stocks, therefore, there is no reason for ppl to rush in to grab Padini shares for now.
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