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Bryan Kazaf

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Joined Mar 2019


If sell now i lost so much
2 days · translate
Will it drop below 1.50?
2 days · translate
不是tp 2.04 ?为何没动静?
2 days · translate
Why AA always facing so many problem? None stop negative news? Sad ~~~when got good news for AA ya?
4 days · translate
Mean drop again?
4 days · translate
5 days · translate
Why AA got so bad luck one? Alway come with so many new issue...
1 week · translate
Ya haha, should i sell it now or hold?
4 weeks · translate
来临的一季是几时? 然后去年的年底都会有dividen但是现在好像没什么消息?
1 month · translate
How come u ask me dont cut then u cut liao? Haha
1 month · translate
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