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Jason Lee Chun Huat

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Joined Apr 2019


yes this week QR out
1 day · translate
dont worry just relax
6 days · translate
i hold 1000 lot in my hand since 0.15 .u can check back my history chat when i shout eden.cuba kira berapa i untung sudah kelvin.if u dun dare,then find other counter.senang.tak payah nak question people here berapa bulan.buang masa explain to yoy
1 week · translate
ya...market sekarang tak bagus.if want to firm your position,time to buy in before it goes up again.a good stock akan naik balik.macam hari itu yang topup masa 0.19 akan untung besar sudah
1 week · translate
unless u need the money
1 week · translate
just hold...dont worry
1 week · translate
lol 500 counter red...everywhere also red la
1 week · translate
*Stocks to watch:*

1) EDEN (7471); Technical BUY on breakout (RM0.23) with +28.3% potential return
*Last: RM0.220 Target: RM0.275, RM0.295 Stop: RM0.185
*Timeframe: 2 weeks to 2 months
*Syariah: NO
1 week · translate
he didnt manage to grab low..so he need to spread fake news to make it fall hahaha
1 week · translate
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