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When q report
1 month · translate
Maxis prepaid card a new business , next q result should show that it just took over the market or expanded the market
2 months · translate
Total rest should be happy now
4 months · translate
I saw total reset was mainly focus on KTC gardenia business but does he realise bakery revenue only contribute little to Ktc whole revenue?
5 months · translate
林 which counter ya ?
5 months · translate
The site noted a halt in operation
5 months · translate
The news is very very bad
5 months · translate
Me start from .13
7 months · translate
U no run u ll regret eventually
8 months · translate
Qr not so good, order book only last for 1.5 year, unless can fill up order book, waiting news from gov in 4 quarter since election already settle down, so far I know we still have 1 year plus to observe its performance
8 months · translate
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