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Cris Go

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@sian hahaha 你说得对 现在很多人跑出来了 以前的人都少看到了
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See trader or investor. They have own preferences
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Serbadk main customer is Middle East. Not only Saudi increase their production, other as well. Serbadk already proved them can operate during low oil price environment. But if the COVID-19 still cannot cure by this year, Serbadk will have impact also.
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@Chin Leong lol no need to explain so much to them. They don’t really go thru the company structure and analyse the capability of this company.
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回答那些问bonus issue要做什么的, 不需做任何东西. 会直接进你的CDS
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成绩整体来说是进步的,expense真的需要好好管理。猜测是ARE增加 因为扩大市场. 继续看看几时可以加码.
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对 买了一年没看他飙过 除了bonus issue那一次
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大跌我就gg 了 重压在这里
2 months · translate
很好 可以稳住股价了
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