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Jenny Choo

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Joined Jun 2019


Too little too late, the Kraken is released. Huawei n chinese semi conductors manufacturers will totally wean off the west n be totally independent in 2-3 years time. The trust is lost. Bye bye
9 hours · translate
You mean CIA / Mossad cyber espionage campaign? or CIA / Mossad propaganda campaign?
1 day · translate
Possible? Please don't think we are gullible to your empty promise.
2 days · translate
Very much so. To counter it, the gov should issue more AP to satisfy the rakyat. May the most competitive wins. Love to see the leech dies off
1 week · translate
Unless the Huawei banning issue is solved. No deal, see who can last.
1 week · translate
I bet the trade talk in G20 will not bring progress but rather a step back. Huawei issue will be a stumbling block.
1 week · translate
Obviously writteqn with CIA information for American audiences
2 weeks · translate
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