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It is easy to forget sometimes a share is not a lottery ticket, it's part of ownership of a company.

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Nice.. Below PE 1 only buy
1 year · translate
10000 corporates in the world.. Oh many competition.. Thanks for information hahaha
1 year · translate
Uncle TP macam can come true
1 year · translate
JPM is Top 30 shareholder, downgrade TP haha
1 year · translate
Market cap unlikely affect Billionaire lifestyle at all, it won't add utility to thier life, but for small fish in the pond who have leverage to buy stocks, may kena margin call
2 years · translate
Very fast hit his TP
Legend uncle hahahaha
2 years · translate
Factories forced to close, and then operate at 60% capacity, expected to be low this QR.. No print glove no income lo.. Moving forward hopefully no more restriction
2 years · translate
Analysts cari makan only, macam lalang, sentiment hard to predict..

Ownself calculate and value the company
2 years · translate
As EPF now holding 6.1% either RSS has returned ticket or EPF have top up more TG shares
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