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Auro la

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Joined Aug 2019


8 hours · translate
Trust me, Qr will be good
1 day · translate
For me is overvalued now, coming Qr will worse than last year, Pe will increase. If 2020 profit can recover than is a good time to buy at end of the year. Juz my personal opinion
2 days · translate
Newbie? They did some bonus issue before how can u compare wif ipo. The price is adjusted
2 days · translate
Volume coming in
3 days · translate
Back to 0.09
1 week · translate
Average0.086 买了300k unit 看看能不能咸鱼翻身
2 weeks · translate
2 weeks · translate
Mayb u r new, pls learn something, better than keep asking ppl for "free lunch". U will pokai soon.
3 weeks · translate
天下没有免费的午餐 good luck kid
3 weeks · translate
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