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Jeffrey Tan

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True, thank you.
9 hours · translate
Some movement already but still weak. Let's hope it will gain more momentum.
10 hours · translate
This company has been getting new contracts in the last 6 months. Prices still stagnant while others rose when news of securing projects. Don't understand why. Anyone?
11 hours · translate
correct, the new order already reflected in the price increase today.
1 month · translate
I meant the ongoing virus pandemic, oil prices, etc.
1 month · translate
if it doesn't declare dividends this year, there's nothing to lose. you're buying a good fundamental stock at low price. when price goes up, the today's price will give you a good DY.
1 month · translate
may inch up but overall negative sentiments not over yet.
1 month · translate
at this point, it's hard to speculate what's wrong with the company share price. at this price, the only worse is delisting.
2 months · translate
well said, Wong
2 months · translate
their main revenue comes from wholesale of sports shoes to China ...not so much from their e-commerce business
3 months · translate
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