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0.20 is coming after ex
3 months · translate
goodbye . next time keep yr money in FD. Safer.
4 months · translate
who got the wisdoms n balls to predict Rapid will drop to 0.35 b4 CNY 2 weeks ago when it was above RM10????

Really respect Uncle...Stock God level
4 months · translate
actually Uncle is very chun very smart one...He predicted this Co will drop to 0.35 before CNY...very likely to happen o think.

nevertheless he bought at rm5.65 just to show his support to Mr.Yu.

salute Uncle!!
4 months · translate
Uncle fainted ah?
4 months · translate
it seems I can only hv chance to support Uncle next week....This week ao worst it can drop to 0.955 only
4 months · translate
0.35 I may support Uncle 1 lot...hahaha
4 months · translate
Waiting 0.35 before CNY....hahaha
4 months · translate
yeap...lose some money only not the end of world life goes on lah
5 months · translate
oversight???? lol
5 months · translate
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