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Meng S.

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因为hire purchase receivables增长啊,借出去的钱要增长才会有多收入啊。最近开始提高杠杆,hire purchase receivables会继续爆发性增长
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以成长来比较,ELK 确实比较稳定。ELK过去一年内都积极的提高放款的质量,坏账损失已经有降低,比RCECAP做得好
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next quarter
6 days · translate
give chances for those who want to accumulate
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6 days · translate
"The effective tax rate of the Group for the current quarter ended 31 December 2019 was higher than the statutory tax rate due to certain expenses which were not deductible for tax purposes and under provision of taxation for prior year"

seems like should be affected this quarter only
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profit before tax is better compare to last quarter, but this quarter's tax much more than last quarter, causing profit after tax lower than last quarter. why the tax so much higher this quarter?
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wondering will management ever consider digital bank?
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