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What happen this share suddenly shoot up
6 days · translate
What happen to this counter
1 week · translate
No use one bank negara not intervene and give advice to govt ask for fund buy go in world federal bank our currency going to drop until 5 stupid finance control
1 week · translate
Give sugar to the govt servant but as public we are in super hardship time less job less income terrible troublesome rules and regulation and new tax system all we as public at bottleneck going to die how you Anwar. You know nothing
1 week · translate
This prove our govt useless actual investor not coming in Malaysia all just talk. Our govt should buy gold for our country good sake
1 week · translate
Yup you are right but cost also hardly get back loss alot
1 week · translate
When this longest sleeping company will fly
1 week · translate
dream have to wait long long a bit not now
3 months · translate
not even break 0.55 RM3 dream can currently won't reach that
3 months · translate
really no hope share every share aldy gone up except this
4 months · translate
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