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hi Cheng, would like to seek you explanation and view on the bonus issue exercise undertake by Comfort. They are issuing warrants instead of ordinary shares and the exercise price is fix at Rm2.30. Do you know the rationale of the management in doing that?
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Hmmmm, this company seems like, depends heavily on gov project. But, yeah, it's one of the few company that have the experties on this field.
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hi Cheng, mind sharing your view?
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noted Cheng!
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hi cheng, do you still hold globetronics? would like to hear your opinion on it...
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hi Cheng, morning.. it's always my pleasure to hear your opinion. I notice that, the company do not have any borrowings for the moment as well.
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may I know, what's your perfect entry price?
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hi Cheng, do you still have any holdings on Homeriz? would like to ask your opinion on it
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NTA is net tangible assets
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