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另外,部长表示,为了加重人民以及政府的负担? lol
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This kind of QR really haiya.
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Frontken Taiwan operating profit 37.29m (FY20 Q2) vs 25.38m (FY19 Q2). YoY +44.33%. But drag by Malaysia operation.
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现在这种环境对手套公司可是非常利好的 业绩大好已被市场当成理所当然了
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The Board of Directors of PCB is pleased to announce that it has on even date recommended a final single tier dividend of RM0.015 per ordinary share amounting to approximately RM7.1 million in respect of the financial year ended 31 December 2019 for shareholders’ approval at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.

The entitlement date and date of payment of the dividend have yet to be finalised and an announcement will be made at a later date upon finalisation of the entitlement date and date of payment.

This announcement is dated 27 February 2020.
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PBT: FY19 Q4 5.11m vs F18 Q4 2.04m over 150% increase. But sadly dragged by 2.07m tax expense.
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FY20 Q2 EPS 0.88 sen vs FY19 Q2 EPS 0.53 sen, how come still got ppl said it was bad result mata sepek ke?
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The PCCS director disposed 1 million shares @ 0.51 each for RM510,000.
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