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林, You are right. Profit 6.1m for Dec 20 Qtr was the best so far since year 2016. Hopefully it will add some strenght to it next week haha!
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Past track records, Kawan had been giving bonus shares regularly i.e. once in every 3 years. Since the company is making better profit so will the Company announce bonus issue soon ???
8 months · translate
David, if without the one off gain amounting 40.6m, I believe, the taxation therefore will be very much reduced. Am I right?
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Good price. 加油 。
1 year · translate
希望你们都梦想成真 。Sweet dreams. 晚安 。
1 year · translate
Ph Kho 谢谢你. 也希望你的 hexza和LKL明天再向上冲 。 gogogo!
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Ph Kho, Karyon也是有做杀菌消毒剂的 。今天它的交易量和股價齐涨 。请问你对Karyon有什么看法或建议吗?谢谢 。
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The sleeping cat has awakened and it may become a roaring tiger now. 加油 !
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Kok Yew, NIIS stands for National Integrated Immigration System.
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limit up ? any good news to be announced soon? pls update us.
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