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I queue 0.725 to buy but manage to match at 0.705. What a miracle. Hahaha so happy leh
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Perfect but the price is dipping. Alamak
2 months · translate
Cepat sgt pancit ni..
3 months · translate
Trend line?? Break down trend line? Sideway trendline?
4 months · translate
How good if it can reach RM2.80 or at least RM2. Just using hope analysis here. Haha
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6 months · translate
If based on the current price, convert to mother is much more valuable right? Correct me if im wrong
6 months · translate
Why the mom left the son so far behind?
6 months · translate
Seems like the buy volume is building up, great support at 69
6 months · translate
Hi Jonathan, just to confirm my understanding, converting the warrant to the mother share only calculate base on our own warrant EP, the current price for the warrant doesn’t affect our cost of conversion am I right?
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