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what if make a wrong judgement? Or Parkson still need more time to recover it profit ? I am worrying Parkson need to wait longer time than i expected. Time is money, i don't think it is worth to wait for another 2~5 years to get a good return. For me, Parkson is just a recover stock, not a long term investment company, so, i don't want to wait too long. Anyway, thanks for you all advices.
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parkson 船太重了吗?小股都飞了,这股却“fei" 了?
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看来市场不接受parkson 的成绩,有点心灰意冷了。
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Sim 兄,跟你一样伤心
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parkson 要派息才能吸引人买了,不然大家都不信parkson赚钱了。昨天agm没人提派息的事?
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agm 有好消息?0.31 吃的很凶
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HK ppl go to Shenzhen only, not whole China. Q2 and Q3 sure better than Q1 because China Goverment selling super long term (30 years) bonds 1 trillion to rescue economy.
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