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dividend only 0.005. close eye
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indeed a very good update. thanks
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LIKED, 其实 TG 基本面真的很好,财报出来PE 单位数而已。但是新常态下手套依然供不应求。很多人一早说快点解套,但是对于一个派息高,现金好,基本面好的股,收着也睡得着。买股本来就要分配好资金、风险管理。不要觉得我们收着好公司是浪费投资其他股的机会。今天没有买入也没有卖出,看战而已。想说,也挺佩服的,意想不到。毕竟跟 gme 的情况太不同,下星期不懂如何,参与的要知道自己为什么选择这个公司那么1就不会人云亦云了。
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这个是金矿嘞,那么大块,pohkong tomei 都飞了
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是呀。看到去年这个才开始的,一直听说ETF, 才发现klse 有gold ETF. 觉得如果看涨金价,可能etf这种比较稳。
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林,有研究goldetf 吗?99.8% Physical gold. 是怎样操作的?金起价钱就起是吗?
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Hi Dev may I know for where can see they are disinfecting gov hospital? As I don't see in Annual report and couldn't find from website also. The hospital I see in AL is only national cancer institute. Actually I am seeing this company for a while, the company growth and new venture in trackwork is a good move.
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