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Weng Loy, u r too pessimistic. If Maybank share drop to 1.50, most likely Malaysia economy is close to bankruptcy. Majorities of counters in our share market r trading at a few cents only. No counters will be same to buy.
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Hi, 股友们 is it good idea to buy Genting now n hoping that when covid-19 over the price will be up..
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Thanks for the info。多谢!
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Recently why Gamuda price keep dropping? Any bad news
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if u hv forgotten to login on 15/4, u can register yourself again in Boardroom limited to take part in the AGM n vote during the AGM, u still entitle for RM50.
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you hv to upload front n reverse side of ic seperately
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Hi Net Chong, to vote in AGM remotely, 1st step u hv to login the online AGM. You do not need to listen to their speech. You can proceed to vote remotely. You can login either using your handphone or PC after that u still can continue playing your online PC game but just don't log out the AGM. The AGM normally last about 1 hr plus.
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i m not sure how the MayBank going to transfer RM50 to u as door gift if u don't hv maybank account. Maybe they wouldn't give u at all. When u attend AGM online does not mean u must sit right in front of your PC or handphone to listen to their speed all the time. Actually u still can do whatever thing u want to do as u like. What is important is u must login to attend the AGM n vote online any time before the AGM over
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RM50 will credit directly into your maybank MAE account. u need to start a MAE account in your maybank account. MAE account is actually the maybank version of eWallet
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whether u hv only 1 share or 1 million share, u r consider as share holder. As long as u participate in the Remote AGM n vote remotely(onlineg during AGM, u r entitled for RM50 as door gift
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