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so, u abel to sell before goes down?
12 months · translate
What is that mean? Bad or Good Sign?
1 year · translate
Shark Q Buy at 0.455 about 90M Unit = 4M+.
Shark Collect from this price onwoard.
monday LU?
1 year · translate
Closing with good perform above 20ma.
Sign Bullish coming.....
1 year · translate
Lets Contra player cuts lose, Lets them Out. Coz they dont take the apportunity even in front of them eyes. Stupid Trader.
1 year · translate
This stock Bullish coming.
see the chart reach to 10 years High.
now under retracing a bit before continue to fly higher.
will perform new 10 years high coming?
1 year · translate
Leap market
You need to sign agreement and proof of annual income of Rm300k or net asset of Rm3.0m to trade.

Normal CDS Account and without any annual income over 300k or net asset of RM3.0m its can abel to trade?
1 year · translate
This stock look like shown Cub With Handel. Bullish Coming Guys...
1 year · translate
Guys this stock Bullish Coming. Performance Graph Shown Cup With Handel. Bullish Guys...
1 year · translate
See carefully the chart.
2morrow Fly.
Close with upper 13+++.
Monday New High...
1 year · translate
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