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u didnt follow my advice..i already told since few days ago dont buy at high price
14 hours · translate
kwap no buying anymore..shorties will short till 90sen again
15 hours · translate
esos 90s? price will get push down until 90s..lets wait below rm1 for 2nd round profit...newbuyer lets wait together yeehaaaaa
20 hours · translate
who want cheaper more????. lets wait moree
21 hours · translate
I mean current price still expensive , need to wait few weeks more
23 hours · translate
cheapp2 price will coming soon..just be patient
Yesterday · translate
poor QR..not so good.. revenue decrease..carefull tomorrow
1 day · translate
abis da boss... catalyst pon da pon da absorb....kebawah semula la sebab da naik banyak..beli masa murah semula
1 day · translate
bahayaaa ni ....mcm nk jatuh .....
1 day · translate
no more people trappe, if trapp also can cutlose now ...this is roller coaster counter
1 day · translate
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