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panic sell soon to 30sen++ .. -30% as usual..same pattern as before...wonder what bad news they will create soon??.
1 day · translate
just be a trader in this company no need become investor dnex is king of manipulator and MOU...even institution or big fund also doesn't want to buy in this company...
1 week · translate
london bridge is fallen down..0.5 soon ..0.4+ is possible..slowly go down.
1 week · translate
price will go back below 0.5 soon ..
1 week · translate
what u mentioned here will slightly help newbie before invest in this should help them before they got cheat waiting 5-10 years expect will go higher but then share price not moving up but moving downtrend only ..
2 weeks · translate
nice explaination atleast someone share the same opinion.. luckily im out already..
2 weeks · translate
finally good news..Foxcoon will join venture soon put 1 BOD from foxcoon to replace
2 weeks · translate
slowly drop below 60s soon or might go below 50s again....same pattern from 90s-70s then slowly go down to 40s.
3 weeks · translate
good news for dnex..
3 weeks · translate
game over sudah ini king of MOU just wait below 60s is coming and might touch 50s again
3 weeks · translate
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