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haha.. annjoo masteel up he sleep. when annjoo masteel red he also follow red. niasing
1 week · translate
finally break 90c. maybe need more power to break 95.5c. the catalyst is the announcement for the glove production and QR results.
2 weeks · translate
tomorrow should break 90c.
3 weeks · translate
immediate resistance at 2.34, break it then go above
1 month · translate
anyone know when lss4 will be announce?
1 month · translate
please continue to go up until lss4 announce.
1 month · translate
kpower is a good company. Good QR in past 10 QRs
2 months · translate
2 months · translate
if can break 2.57 then it can go higher
2 months · translate
kena short sell non stop
2 months · translate
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