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this counter highly volatile. very dangerous.
1 week · translate
it must be another auditor step in to prove they are innocent otherwise it is pointless .
1 month · translate
epf also make noise to them already. serba must settle the issue ASAP otherwise the storm will not over
1 month · translate
2 directors dump 2mils share karim dump 3mils shares. I paper loss 54% in this counter alone. value investing? who's know behind this nice fundamental is actually a fake account.
1 month · translate
Don ever pump in anymore money. nobody know how low it can go. just wait it stable then only avg down if not more money will stuck there.
1 month · translate
everyday drop more than 10%. crazy..
1 month · translate
Good QR or good FA doesn't guarantee you the share price will up.
2 months · translate
RSI 29 oversold, expected a technical rebound. but not sure how much can recover. my cost is 2.19... sigh..
2 months · translate
haha.. annjoo masteel up he sleep. when annjoo masteel red he also follow red. niasing
3 months · translate
finally break 90c. maybe need more power to break 95.5c. the catalyst is the announcement for the glove production and QR results.
3 months · translate
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