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down for 10day, really a rubbish stock. delist it lah! TG is worse than SerbaD.
18 hours · translate
will it goes down to 2.00?. all in by then.
6 days · translate
SKL think they are very smart. if they are really that smart, wonder why they are not in JP Morgan & etc chair.
1 week · translate
many shorty desperados are bad mouthing glove stock. Demand are on the rise for rubber gloves, hope some big players will push up these stocks to teach those shorty some lesson
1 week · translate
today transactions volume is very high, who is the buyer? I think some big players are collecting it.
1 week · translate
unbelievable! best to avoid this kind of stock.
1 week · translate
this hlt must be one of those shorty scum.
1 week · translate
those Shorty will have their fingers burnt.
1 week · translate
wonder how much it will spike up? sorry to those sellers.
1 week · translate
rebound? wishful thinking. Monday maybe.
1 week · translate
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