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a good investor and trader.
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waifu the dumb.its not about org kita u pancake.its about ownership.after investing millions and just want to sell to outsiders??what a good investor nu are.even khazanah doesn't make money from that but dnex will and it will back to the country.i hope this will help u clever a bit.
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yeahhhh.ahhahha tahniah razif
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last time spike thats why he terima kasih.bye haters.haters gonna hate
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0.01 target from
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@just trede what koyak??u just dont understand what im talking about.that is why chatting u is wasting my i don't want to teach u for i decided just to ignore u after this.its like talking to an empty can.
#peace and dont disturb me anymore.kekekekke
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Jasmine kekekke
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Bye drop sifu.
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hahhaha aik profit pun bodoh?.next time if u dont know anything dont disturb are nothing.just an empty can.
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hahhaha cerdik tak..kan dah drop..i bukan macam hold sampai mati.kekekekkekeek
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hahahha kesian sama u ni.tak tahu apa pun .pity u . anyway 315 lower high if can break this i swing.if not suka hati aku lah.kekekkeke.drop sifuuuu
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