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if u see bimb dividend trend. it looks like company pays annually. can expect April 2024
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when epf sell they didn't mean to sell whole their holding. they just take little profit. they will buy again in future no worry
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holy shit from 1.60 to almost 2.00
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mustahil, roe pun teruk. latest ada buat fund raising, nmpk sgt ada masalah duit
1 week · translate
this stock can bring us to pluto
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buy jtiasa!
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https://theedgemalaysia.com/node/682270. standby collect as much as u can
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I already buy ur book at google play book. but I found it hard to understand valuation. I hope u can give some real example after your explanation. fcff didn't have some example !
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I love buying undervalue shares
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